How about selling your pot a little closer to Pullman?

We are not entirely sure how much of the recreational marijuana being sold in Pullman is making its way back into Moscow, but we are fairly positive it is a decent amount.

And trips — both by young college students and otherwise responsible adult members of the community — to get that pot across the border could soon be much shorter for Latah County residents.

A marijuana retailer — Premium Roast LLC — is hoping to start selling pot some 4,500 feet from the Idaho border, at the intersection of the Pullman-Moscow highway and Airport Road in the old Crossroads Nursery building.

Whether it should be or not, marijuana is still very much illegal in Idaho, and based on the business’ proposed location, it appears its owners have little respect for Idaho laws.

Whitman County Commissioner Michael Largent seems to agree. He suggested during an interview with the Daily News that the business wants to target the Moscow market.

“Why else would you site it there?” Largent asked.

He has a point. How many customers from Pullman and other parts of Whitman County will drive right past the three shops already located in Pullman and a fourth — Bud Hut — that is just outside Pullman city limits along the Pullman-Moscow highway? Those living in Moscow, however, may appreciate that short drive.

That’s a fact the police are certainly not ignorant of.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry told the Daily News he has already noted that a number of the shoppers at Bud Hut have Idaho license plates on their cars, but police can’t pull someone over just for parking and entering the shop, because other merchandise is sold there.

That does not mean they aren’t watching. So, you may want to fix that broken taillight.

The Whitman County Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on Premium Roast’s conditional use permit application for the shop on Thursday .

We believe the proposed location for the new shop is irresponsible and is directly encouraging illegal behavior in Idaho. A location closer to Pullman would be much more appropriate for such an enterprise.