Boise will warm up after cold, rainy Sunday

Boise residents experienced a uniquely cold, rainy July day with afternoon highs only making it up to 59 degrees.

Technically, Sunday wasn’t a record-breaking cold day. The high for the entire day was almost 70 degrees, but that was reached early Sunday morning.

“Our high for the day ended up being 69 degrees, but that occured early in the morning around midnight,” said Elizabeth Padian, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Then temperatures dropped throughout the day making the daylight hours the coldest July day since 2001, Padian said.

But, starting Monday temperatures will start to climb. The week ahead is also predicted to be dry.

The high Monday is predicted to be about 74 degrees with mild wind. On Tuesday that high will climb up to 84 degrees. By Thursday, temperatures will be in the 90s again, according to the National Weather Service.