Boise forecast: Numerous showers with possible thunderstorms in afternoon; more rainy days ahead

It’s a rainy morning in Boise, and the forecast calls for more rain – and possible thunderstorms this afternoon.

Treasure Valley residents should prepare for numerous showers today and Wednesday, according to NWS meteorologist Valerie Mills. The forecast shows scattered showers Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with isolated showers on Sunday and Monday.

Highs between 70 and 74 over the next week, with lows 45 to 55.

When is the lowest chance for rain in Boise this week? Thursday morning. Sunday afternoon looks like the next best chance for a break in the rain.

Planning to head to the West-Central Mountains for Memorial Day weekend? There’s a 30 percent chance of rain every day of the weekend. (Remember lightning safety: “When thunder roars, head indoors.”)

How are we doing on the water year? As of midnight Monday, 10.10 inches of precipitation has been recorded in Boise since the water year began in October. That puts us ahead of normal by .77 inches.