More flooding woes: Video from police, ITD show downed trees snagged on bridges

Flooding around the Treasure Valley has residents and businesses both biting their nails, and Idaho agencies are warning of another issue: trees that have fallen into the water.

Eagle Police on Wednesday posted video of Ada County Highway District crews removing a large tree that fell in the river and was stuck near the Linder Road bridge on Tuesday.

“With the Boise River flowing at over 9,500 cubic feet per second (CFS) and putting stress on riverbanks all through Ada County, there are dozens of trees at risk of falling in,” the post said.

The post explained that snagged trees can exacerbate existing flooding, so officials have equipment parked near bridges on Glenwood, Eagle and Linder roads to remove large debris as needed.

Similarly, the Idaho Transportation Department last week posted video of crews removed a tree that had snagged on the bridge at Idaho 52 in Emmett.

“Branches can catch on the supports or bridge girders, which can lead to a domino affect of accumulating debris. This debris can raise the river levels more and adds pressure to the bridge supports. Left unchecked, this could lead to catastrophic failure,” ITD said in a news release.

ITD, ACHD and other first responders said they’re currently monitoring the river and bridges to ensure no issues arise.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Idaho branch of the US Geological Survey tweeted that readings at the Glenwood Bridge were inaccurately showing flows higher than they actually were.

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