Another record: Since Dec. 1, Boise has seen more snow than ever for this period

The total 29.2 inches that had descended on the Boise area by Wednesday amounts to more snow than has fallen in that window since at least 1892 — the first year such records were kept, the National Weather Service's Boise office reports.

That’s more than four times this area’s average — 9 inches — for the period of Dec. 1 to Jan. 11.

More than half of this season’s snow — 15.2 inches — has fallen since Jan. 1. Before Dec. 1, Boise had received only trace amounts of snow in late November, said meteorologist Bill Wojcik. The first big snow dump of the season came just before Christmas — 7.7 inches on Dec. 23-24.

Previous high snow totals for Dec. 1-Jan. 11 came in 1983-84 (26.2 inches) and 2008-09 (25.4), the weather service reports.

The lowest snow total for this period? None, in 1962-63.