Larry Craig

Idahoans on what Craig said, and what they want him to say

Sen. Larry Craig gets two hours of TV time Tuesday to talk about the scandal that brought him national notoriety and to defend his decision to stay in the U.S. Senate.

We asked several Idahoans to comment on excerpts of an interview with NBC News that will air Tuesday and on what they would like him to say.

On Craig's acknowledgment that it was a mistake not to tell his family about his arrest and guilty plea:

"The guy is an experienced politician and to think that somehow that information is not going to become public is naive beyond belief."

David Gott, 58, Boise. Voted for Craig.

"I agree he should have told his wife. I don't necessary think it was a mistake to plead guilty to disorderly conduct. But I think he should have told his staff and gotten his P.R. going so he could have been on the offensive rather than the defensive."

Lori Bishop, 33, Eagle. Voted for Craig.

On Craig's insistence that he won't resign and instead will fight for his political life:

"I agree with (Craig) totally. Because to me the Republicans have constantly thrown people under the bus because they are afraid of the publicity they'll get."

Howard B. Waterman, 81, Payette. Voted for Craig.

"I think he should have resigned, especially when he said he was going to. When he was making his speech... I thought it was the honorable thing for him to do to step down, and instead he is continuing to drag it out and continues to keep this stirred up in the media."

Pat Duffel, 45, Boise. Voted for Craig.

On what you would like to hear Craig say during his interviews tonight:

"I would like him to make it clear that he didn't plead guilty to sexual misconduct. In the national news or on national talk shows they just assume he pled guilty to some kind of sexual crime. (I would like him) to make it clear that he never said he was guilty of that. When you throw sex into the whole equation, that's what really gets people up in arms."

Lori Bishop

"I would have hoped the man would say he'd do the best thing for Idaho, he's going to do the best thing for the Republican party and not the best thing for Larry Craig."

Boyd Mauer, 71, Boise. Never voted for Craig.

"He has always put Idaho first. He has always done what is best for Idaho and he is going to have to decide what he thinks is best for Idaho. I would like to see him fight and win."

Mary M. Heikkola, 79, Boise. Voted for Craig.

"What I'd like to hear him say is ‘enough is enough. I'm out and I resign.' All of this is trying to weave a tale that somehow justifies his actions when he broke faith with his constituency."

David Gott

"He should admit exactly whatever he did. I want him to be very frank with the people. But I greatly admire Larry Craig because he is standing up. "

Howard B. Waterman