Larry Craig

You'll find it on eBay. But do you want to?

In the eBay economy, it seems, everything is up for bid.

Including toilet paper which, according to its sellers, came from the infamous Larry Craig stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

Which all goes to prove three immutable truths.

1. Never underestimate the free market's never-ending power to match demand with supply.

2. Never underestimate the power of the Craig story — which, as if weighted with concrete blocks, can always manage to sink a foot or two lower.

3. If P.T. Barnum were alive today, he'd be hawking junk on eBay.

Promising "a true political treasure sure to go up in value in the years to come," Santa Rosa, Calif., seller steviewonder2002 already has an $11 bid in hand for one of two sets of the Craig papers. For you bargain hunters, a bhigs101 offers a single square with bidding at $0.01, with free shipping.

After all, how much should it cost to mail out a little single-ply? Forget I asked.

It's "highly doubtful" the steviewonder2002 toilet paper was actually in the stall when Craig made his June 11 stop, an airport spokesman told Erika Lovley, a reporter with The Politico.

So as with all things in the caveat-emptor marketplace of eBay, you have to take the buyer at face value. In fairness, I point out that both steviewonder2002 and bhigs101 have a 100 percent positive rating from buyers.

Then again, buyers can only rate a transaction as positive, negative or neutral. Creepy is not an option.