Larry Craig

Sept. 17 -- The Twin Cities' new tourist attraction (or, wouldn't you just as soon kill time at the Starbucks?)

The weird story of the weekend — and a contender for weird story of the year — is Jeanne Huff's Sunday article about tourists looking for a peek — as it were — at the Larry Craig restroom.

I'm not going to get all preachy about the human condition here. I cannot. As a teen growing up on Long Island, I made my parents drive us past the "Amityville Horror" house. Morbid curiosity? I plead guilty, without so much as consulting with a lawyer.

But that's a house. Here, we're talking about a public bathroom. Female readers, you're just going to have to take this one on faith: They all pretty much look the same.

Photos? Guys have an unwritten restroom rule: Eyes straight ahead. I can't quite reconcile that with breaking out the digital camera.

Now, I've been to Minneapolis on vacation. Nice place with a lot more to recommend it than a self-guided tour of the lavatories. I'd sooner take in a baseball game at Minneapolis' Metrodome — without question, the ugliest stadium I've ever seen.

I can't be much more blunt than that.