Larry Craig

Reaction to the end of Larry Craig's congressional career

Here's what people had to say about Sen. Larry Craig's announcement:

Ben Doty, Boise: "It's been sad because here is a man who devoted 27 years of his life to public service to our state and to our nation. This is all innuendo as far as I am concerned. I called his office and urged him not to (resign). I wanted him to serve out his term."

Bryan Fischer, executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance: "Because character is an essential qualification for public service, we believe Sen. Craig's decision to resign today was appropriate. But Idahoans will always have reason to be grateful to the senator — he was a faithful advocate for policies that protected the sanctity of life, the sanctity of the marriage and the family and religious liberty. No one can take that legacy from him." 

Margaret Stewart, Boise: "I think (resigning) was the right thing to do for the state of Idaho. I really admire him stepping down so that the Senate can continue, and Idaho can continue to focus on the real issues."

Jody May-Chang, editor of, a gay and lesbian Web site in Boise: "It's not about his behavior. It's not about his sexual orientation. It's about the hypocrisy and the fact that he helped create the situation that he's in right now."

Bill Krumm, Boise: "I think it is always unfortunate when circumstances like this happen where somebody's reputation is damaged. He made his own bed. I wasn't surprised by the circumstance that led up to this. I've never particularly felt he was an honest man, and I've been bothered by his lack of credibility."

Lynn Perkins, Boise: "I guess I am kind of glad. He is going to be fighting that, plus the legal battles are going to take up a whole bunch of his time, instead of him taking care of his job. Idaho is supposed to be a pretty conservative state. So people who want to get voted in here talk the talk ... I'd rather they just be out in the open about it.

Skyler Bagley, 21, of Rexburg, a freshman political science student at Boise State University: "A lot of people turned on him, like Sen. (John) McCain. They're supposed to be friends, Republicans with Republicans, Democrats with Democrats. Especially in wartime. It would be nice if they were friends."

Jim Weatherby, a professor emeritus at Boise State University, who has known Craig since they were students at the University of Idaho in the 1960s: "He has to take some of the responsibility, But I don't think he deserved the harsh treatment from national Republicans who pushed him off the stage for their own political purposes. It's all just so shocking how quickly he fell."

Jennifer Duffy, a political analyst for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report: "From a political standpoint, you're just looking at a new reality, at least for Republicans. They can't do what they did with (Tom) DeLay and Bob Ney and see how it all plays out. They need to act and they need to demonstrate that they take this stuff seriously, and they did that."

Carl Tobias, a law professor at Richmond University and a lawyer who lived in Montana for 23 years: "In essence, everything was taken out of the hands of the local people who elected him. I think people in Idaho could very well feel resentful toward Washington and the leadership there."

Michael Rogers of, who "outed" Craig on a national radio broadcast last fall: "Today, Larry Craig apologized to everyone except the people he has most harmed by his actions — gay Americans. His legacy will include his career-long work in opposing basic civil rights for gay and lesbian Americans, creating an atmosphere where it is unsafe for many to be honest about their lives."

Dirk Kempthorne, Interior secretary and a former Idaho governor and senator: "Our thoughts and prayers are with them on this difficult day, a day in which we should also remember Larry's 27 years of dedicated public service to Idaho and to the nation."

Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho: "For more than two decades, Larry Craig has consistently put Idaho first in his public service career. Today, he did so again in announcing his decision to resign his position as U.S. senator from Idaho."

Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho: "Senator Craig and Suzanne deserve our gratitude, and I hope that Idahoans and the nation will allow them the time they need to recover after this week's unimaginable turmoil."

Rep. Bill Sali, R-Idaho: "Larry Craig has been an unusually diligent and effective public servant who has accomplished much for Idaho. Every Idahoan has benefitted from his service, and we all owe him and his family a debt of gratitude for their dedication and sacrifice."

Scott Stanzel, White House spokesman: "The president, when he heard the news, called Sen. Craig and told him that he knew it was a difficult decision and that he wished him well. Sen. Craig made the right decision for himself, for his family, his constituents and the United States Senate."

Bill Richardson, New Mexico governor and a Democratic presidential candidate: "We were almost always on opposite sides, but he was a decent human being, and I remember him fondly. But he did the right thing (by resigning)."

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