Larry Craig

Craig's delayed departure helps staff transition; Craig to get pension

Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, won’t leave his office until Sept. 30, in part “to allow a smooth and orderly transition of my loyal staff,” he said.Some employees may find jobs with whoever replaces Craig, but former Craig staffers make a broad network who can help folks find jobs.Meanwhile, because of his age and the time he spent in Congress, Craig is eligible for a full pension, a Congressional Research Service report shows. The National Taxpayers Union estimates the pension at $98,000 a year, assuming he joined the system upon entering the House in 1981.

Earlier this year, Craig voted for a Senate measure that would deny pensions to lawmakers convicted of serious crimes, such as bribery, conspiracy and perjury. The legislation, not yet signed by the president, has no effect on Craig, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.