Larry Craig

What Boiseans are saying about Craig's resignation

What some Boiseans are saying about Sen. Larry Craig, who resigned today:

“It’s been sad, because here is a man who devoted 27 years of his life to public service to our state and to our nation. This is all innuendo as far as I am concerned. I called his office and urged him not to (resign). I wanted him to serve out his term.” — Ben Doty, Boise

“I think (resigning) was the right thing to do for the state of Idaho. I really admire him stepping down so that the Senate can continue and Idaho can continue to focus on the real issues.”— Margaret Stewart, Boise

“I think it is always unfortunate when circumstances like this happen where somebody’s reputation is damaged. He made his own bed. I wasn’t surprised by the circumstance that led up of this. I’ve never particularly felt he was an honest man and I’ve been bothered by his lack of credibility.” — Bill Krumm, Boise

“Your senator should not be guilty of a crime. He shouldn’t work one more day. We should not pay him another penny as far as I am concerned.”— Kim Moi, Boise

“I guess I am kind of glad. He is going to be fighting that plus the legal battles are going to take up a whole bunch of his time, instead of him taking care of his job. Idaho is supposed to be a pretty conservative state. So people who want to get voted in here talk the talk. If he is doing that, I am sick of people talking family values. I’d rather they just be out in the open about it.” — Lynn Perkins, Boise