Larry Craig

Risch rumors about replacing Sen. Craig are 'dead wrong'

Gov. Butch Otter has not decided who will replace Sen. Larry Craig.

"He has made no decision and he is not leaning toward anybody," said Otter's spokesman Jon Hanian. That has been the consistent message from Otter's office, but Republican officials told the Associated Press on Friday that Otter had decided Lt. Gov. Jim Risch would replace Craig, who resigned this morning.

As he left this morning's press conference, Otter emphatically told some reporters and television crews that wasn't true.

"I'm telling you right now, I've made no decisions and any reports to the contrary are dead wrong," said Otter, according to Hanian.

"He was very adamant," Hanian said. "We've been saying this over and over until I'm blue in the face. What we're saying is being ignored."