Larry Craig

Poll: 55 percent of Idahoans say Craig should resign

On Tuesday, Sen. Larry Craig sounded determined to ride out the controversy surrounding his arrest in a Minnesota airport bathroom and his subsequent guilty plea.

According to a polling group that went out in the field Tuesday night, Craig may not have a chance.

Fifty-five percent of Idahoans say Craig should resign as a result of the scandal, according to a SurveyUSA poll, while 34 percent say he should stay in office.

The numbers only get worse. Among respondents who call themselves Republican, 45 percent say Craig should step down, 42 percent say he should stay. Among conservatives, 42 percent say he should resign, 43 percent say he should stay. Both results sit within the poll's margin of error.

The same can't be said, not surprisingly, about public awareness of Craig's bizarre June 11 arrest on a lewd conduct charge, and his subsequent plea to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. A whopping 89 percent of respondents say they know about the story — and, I would presume, many of these respondents already have a deeply held view about the case.

Craig Tuesday said he will decide in September about his 2008 re-election plans, and sounded determined to serve out his term. But if these poll numbers fairly reflect the mood of Idahoans, too many of Craig's constituents already have their minds made up.

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