Larry Craig

Rocky Barker blog: Leno takes off on Craig, McCain calls incident a

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig took a media mauling Tuesday after his press conference where he declared hre was not gay and not guilty despite his guilty plea after an encounter with and undercover police officer in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. But none of the talking heads and cable TV pundits were as tough on him as Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

Leno had a running gag showing two men in adjoining bathroom stalls playing footsy. One had tape from Craig press conference in the background and a microphone coming out of the stall.

Much of Leno’s monologue was so raunchy I won’t repeat it here. But the Craig gag didn’t end with the monologue.

GOP Presidential candidate John McCain, a colleague of Craig’s in the Senate, was a guest. Leno asked his reaction.

"It's disgraceful," McCain said. "It harms our reputation with the American people."Then he was explaining that he doesn’t hang around with a lot of his fellow senators when they aren’t working. "You know, Senators, believe it or not, do not socialize much. We're gone on the weekends. Usually we only work three days a week.” Leno responded."So the only chance to meet people is in the men's room at the airport?"Today you will hear about how Craig helped force Oregon Republican Bob Packwood out of the Senate for his sexual indiscretions. But his leading role in the Clinton impeachment and this video will also make the rounds. Comment on Rocky Barker’s blog

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