Larry Craig

Conservative radio host calls for Craig to resign

Conservative radio host Sean Hannity called for Idaho Sen. Larry Craig to resign this afternoon -- if allegations that Craig solicited sex in a public men’s room outlined in the Minneapolis police report are true.

“I’m trying to understand, you know, this is not about gay or straight,” Hannity said.

“I’m trying to understand people who would go and have sex with strangers like this. The idea that this is a big problem, it’s stunning to me, to say the least.”

Hannity predicted conservatives in Idaho would fall away from Craig, unless he comes up with a better explanation for his arrest and guilty plea to disorderly conduct.

He was quick to say the Republican Party has “nothing to do with this” and that Democrats are pushing the media to follow the story.

“Everything the Democrats and the media do now” is to create an advantage in 2008, he said. “They politicize anything and everything,” and “it’s all part of a strategy.”

But he spoke directly to Craig, too.

“Sen. Craig, if you have been engaged in this activity, resign,” Hannity said. “Resign. Get out of office. If you have been a hypocrite.”

Unless Craig can better defend what has happened his asked him to get out of the way, “because Republicans don’t need you to drag them down.”