Larry Craig

Read the transcript from the 40-year-old man who says he had sex with Craig (with audio)

A 40-year-old professional man with close ties to Republican officials told the Idaho Statesman he had oral sex with Sen. Larry Craig at Washington's Union Station, probably in 2004.

The man spoke to the Statesman on the condition he not be named. He said he was sure it was Craig he had oral sex with but said he had no evidence other than his word.

Craig denied the allegations, and said, "I am not gay and I have never been in a restroom in Union Station having sex with anybody.

"There's a very clear bottom line here," Craig said. "I don't do that kind of thing. I am not gay, and I never have been."

Here is what the man told the Statesman, with some of the details of the men's room encounter edited out:

"Upon walking into Union Station one day, I made eye contact with a well-dressed older gentleman whom I recognized as Sen. Craig. We, after having made eye contact for 30 seconds or so, we began walking towards one of the restrooms in Union Station.

"I followed him in there. We went to the urinals, where we both unzipped ...

"The restroom became busy, too busy to do anything. So we zipped up and then followed each other to the second restroom in Union Station, where we began the same process. And had a -- I also performed fellatio for a very, very short amount of time, as that restroom became busy as well. At that point we both zipped up and left and went on our separate ways.

"Walking time included I would say maybe three minutes, four minutes. Not very long.

"It was unmistakable. I mean, I just recognized him, you know, as being Sen. Craig. I just didn’t have any doubt in my mind that that’s who it was. And when the encounter was over I proceeded to search on the internet and confirm that you know with a picture of him, and sure enough it was him.

"I contacted Mike Rogers via email after having read on his web site he was at that point outing staff members, which I am less comfortable as a gay person outing staff members than people like Sen. Craig who are actually voting on legislation negatively affecting gay people as they are themselves having gay sex.

"I’ve always been interested in politics and probably if you showed me pictures of the hundred senators I could probably name 75 or 80 of them. And that would be true over the last probably 20 years. So, I don’t think it’s unusual that I did recognize him. There’s no doubt in my mind that that’s who it was."

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