Special Reports

A long way from home

These are your husbands, your sons, your brothers.

They are far away from home. They love you and they miss you.

They are a world away from all they know and they are trying to make the best of it.

They will form lasting bonds of friendship with other soldiers, they will look into the eyes of waving little girls in dirty pink dresses who wear ribbons in their hair and they will become smitten.

They will look at the kids who follow them down the street and be reminded of the children back home they long to hold.

Some soldiers will tell you they think their time is being wasted here and they just want to go home.

Others see a bigger picture. They see their efforts — frustrating as the small steps may be — as helping the people of Iraq make their communities safe and free.

The soldiers get tired. They get bored. Sometimes they feel worn out. But they are passionate, caring guys (yes, there are only men with Bravo Company) working to make a better home for the people here. So they can hurry back to their homes where you are waiting.

— Kim Hughes