Special Reports

What's that on your screensaver, Sgt. Hicks?

Some Iraqi police officers crowded around Sgt. John Hicks of Nampa the other day to get a closer look at the screensaver image he has saved on his laptop.

I can neither confirm nor deny that the photo may have been of Alpha Company's Sgt. Hicks posing with some girls that came to FOB Warrior to perform during a recent USO show.

— Kim Hughes

Gunners sit in the turrets of Humvees when soldiers leave their bases — what they call going "outside the wire."

Normally the only thing you see of a gunner from the inside of a Humvee are his legs.

So I decided to look up and take a peek at Pvt. First Class Kristoffer Ohlensehlen through the hatch. I took this picture the other day when we were traveling with Bravo Company.

Suprisingly enough, Ohlensehlen said that nobody has ever tied his bootlaces together from below while he was up there.

— Kim Hughes