Special Reports

Table tennis, anyone?

In their down time at Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Idaho soldiers are getting a chance to perfect their skills at... ping-pong.

Spc. Gary Belnap, of Emmett and Sgt. 1st Class John Stauffer of Meridian were playing friendly game one afternoon this week.

Belnap defeated Stauffer 21-16.

"Yeah, he always wins," said Stauffer. He never played much ping- pong, he said, before he came to Iraq.

— Kim Hughes

Spec. Jesus Bautista, of Caldwell, got a handshake and a 116th Brigade coin from Brig. General Alan Gayhart during a meeting with Alpha Company Wednesday morning.

Spec. Bautista was cited for his helpfulness and the performance of his duties, which include coordinating communications and making sure the radios are working before rolling out on missions.

"It means I'm being recognized," Bautista said. "That's pretty cool."

— Kim Hughes