Special Reports

'What the world needs now, is love, sweet love...'

Sometimes life in the military is hurry up and wait.

While waiting for a foot patrol to begin one day this week, Spc. Jake Smith and Spc. Chris Chesak, both of Boise, locked arms and began singing a well known military marching song:

"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..." they sang, arm in arm.

— Kim Hughes

When mortar rounds flew in Kirkuk Monday night, an Air Force plane happened to be flying overhead.

The pilots were able to see the source of the shots, and follow the suspects into a neighborhood where they suspected the insurgents lived.

Soldiers from Bravo Company got word on the suspects' location, and gave chase.

Bravo Company's patrols combed the neighborhood where the men fled late Monday night. They banged on doors and rousted residents and sought information, but no one offered any.

The information the soldiers got either was wrong, or the suspects were good at hiding. The soldiers searched until about 1:30 a.m Tuesday and never found the insurgents.

The area where they searched was completely dark — and scary. There were no streetlights.

On patrols at night, I can't use my flash — the strobe can give away the soldiers' location and blind eyes that are adjusted to the darkness.

At one house a porch light was turned on, so this is only photo I could take of the search. (See it at right.)

— Kim Hughes