State Politics

Idaho Democrats reschedule chairman’s election to Aug. 1

Idaho Democrats have postponed the election for a new party chairman to Aug. 1 to satisfy a by-law provision that requires central committee members to vote in person in an election caused by a resignation.

The vote to replace outgoing chairman Larry Kenck, who is stepping down for health reasons, was scheduled for Saturday.

A statement from the party said the in-person requirement turned up in a rules review by committee members. The requirement can be satisfied if committee members attend and vote at concurrent satellite meetings away from the main meeting., which will be in Boise. The satellite meeting locations have not been set.

There are three candidates to succeed Kenck: Dean Ferguson of Boise, the party's current communications director; Randy Humberto Johnson, a Boise political consultant; and John Looze, a retired Pocatello lawyer.

Party Vice-Chair Jeanne Buell remains acting party chair in the interim.