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Idaho’s Semanko: GOP floor fight not about dumping Trump

Norm Semanko
Norm Semanko

Norm Semanko, a Ted Cruz delegate at the Republican convention in Cleveland, chimed in Tuesday with his take on Monday’s convention floor fight, disavowing any desire by Idaho’s delegation to derail the nomination of Donald Trump.

Semanko, a former Idaho state GOP chairman, said Idaho’s convention delegates “seek meaningful change” and aren’t “part of ‘Dump Trump’ sideshow.”

“The portrayal of the RNC as one giant attack on Trump’s status as the presumptive nominee is really the sideshow and is not the main event, nor is it why Idaho delegates have come to Cleveland,” Semanko wrote, leading into a detailed procedural explanation of what happened on the floor Monday.

Semanko said the fracas arose from conservative delegates, “largely Cruz supporters,” seeking to amend the convention rules, not to “Dump Trump.” Their efforts in pushing for a roll call on the floor “were to argue for rules changes that would increase transparency in the way the Party is run and decentralize power away from Washington D.C. to state parties and closer to the people.”

Semanko added: “There are no efforts being organized by Idaho delegates to walk out or stifle progress or to create demonstrations that allow the sideshow to carry on as if it were the main event. Our Idaho delegation is dedicated to representing Republicans back home and we are all united in our mission to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Read the full note on Semanko’s blog.

By the way, here’s a list of Idaho’s convention delegates. Cruz, who won the Idaho primary, has 20 delegates, to 12 for Trump.

Cruz delegates: State Treasurer Ron Crane, U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador, Russ Fulcher, Lora Gervais, Clinton Daniel, Bryan Smith, Viki Purdy, State Rep. Ron Nate, Barry Peterson, Ric Branch, Elaine King, Doyle Beck, Greg Ferch, Norm Semanko, Vicki Keen, Trent Clark, Ruthie Johnson, State GOP Chairman Steve Yates, Damond Watkins, Cindy Siddoway.

Trump delegates: Rod Beck, LeeAnn Callear, Janice McGeachin, Jennifer Locke, Maggie Murphy, Redgie Bigham, Skip Brandt, Brent Regan, Megan Reichle, Rebecca Smith, Melinda Smyser, Layne Bangerter.

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