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Idaho Democrats announce superdelegate commitments

The chairman of the Idaho Democratic party, Bert Marley, will be a superdelegate for Bernie Sanders at the party’s national convention in July. Two of Idaho’s four superdelegates are committed to Sanders and one to Hillary Clinton, with one still deciding.

Sanders won Tuesday’s Democratic caucus with 78 percent of the vote against Clinton. In a statement, Marley said he withheld his announcement “until Idaho Democrats had the opportunity to weigh in.”

“They have spoken and I agree,” Marley said. “Sen. Sanders speaks to me on so many issues from health care to student debt to economic fairness.”

National Committeeman Pete Gertonson also backs Sanders. National Committeewoman Caroline Boyce is supporting Clinton. Party Vice Chair Van Beechler has not decided.

Superdelegates are party leaders and elected officials who are free to support anyone they choose. Because they are not bound to a candidate, their support can potentially swing the nomination for a candidate.They differ from pledged delegates, who are chosen based on state primaries and caucuses. In the Idaho caucus, Sanders received 18 pledged delegates and Clinton five.

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