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Idaho primary billboards will be reprinted

Responding to a complaint from state Democrats, the Idaho Secretary of State’s office is moving to reprint billboards that advertised the state’s March 8 Republican presidential primary but not the Democratic caucus on March 22.

The March primary is new this year. The Constitution Party is also participating. The billboards were intended to publicize the new date while also directing voters to the state’s voting information webite,, for more details.

The 22 billboards are being revised to remove the reference to the primary.

“The overall goal of the campaign was to continue to drive people to seek information, be informed, and cast a ballot,” Secretary of State Lawerence Denney said in a news release. “This year’s process has an increased amount of complexity, and the website has always been and continues to be the place an interested voter can access information, regardless of their party affiliation.”

Bill Dentzer: 208-377-6438, @IDSBillD