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Idaho is state most dependent on gun industry, report finds

Source: WalletHub

Idaho depends more on the gun industry than any other state, according to a study by the financial website WalletHub. Idaho ranked No. 1 among states and the District of Columbia based on firearms industry activity in the state, gun ownership and overall prevalence, and gun politics — specifically, contributions by gun control and gun rights groups to members of Congress.

Here’s how Idaho ranked in the study’s measures:

▪  2nd — Firearms industry jobs per capita.

▪  25th — Average wages and benefits in firearms industry.

▪  2nd — Total firearms industry output per capita.

▪  4th — Total industry taxes paid per capita.

▪  3rd — Gun ownership per capita.

▪  20th — Background checks per capita.

▪  1st — Gun-control contributions to members of Congress per capita.

▪  4th — Gun-rights contributions to members of Congress per capita.

After Idaho, Alaska, Montana, South Dakota and Arkansas rounded out the top five. The bottom five were Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Delaware.

Idaho has actively promoted itself to the outdoor industry, including gunmakers. In recent years, nearly 200 companies employed some 3,000 people in Idaho’s $500 million industry.

You can read the full report here.

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