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Nov. county joblessness ranges 3-8%; state average near 4%

The counties of Clearwater, Adams and Shoshone had the highest rates of unemployment in Idaho in November, hovering around 8 percent, while Madison, Gooding and Jerome counties had the lowest at roughly 3 percent – about a point lower than the state rate.

The Department of Labor released the county figures Monday. Overall, state unemployment figures, released last week, showed a slight month-to-month decline in joblessness, from just over to just below 4 percent, with the addition of 1,100 jobs in November. Total state employment was 771,826.

Nationally, the November unemployment rate was at 5 percent.

Clearwater’s unemployment rate was 8.6 percent; Adams came in at 8.2 percent and Shoshone at 7.9 percent. All other counties were below 7 percent. On the low end, Jerome registered 3.2 percent unemployment, Gooding was at 3 percent and Madison at 2.8 percent.

Among cities, Caldwell top the range, at 4.7 percent, while Rexburg was lowest, at 3 percent.

For more numbers, see the Labor Department’s market information site.