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Idaho Rep. Woodings rescues daughter on bad hair day

Young Mary Woodings will be sporting her new A-line bob as Idaho Democrats gather this weekend in Moscow for their biennial state convention with high hopes for her mother and other candidates.

Freshman Rep. Holli Woodings of Boise, 35, is considered a bright prospect in her race for the open secretary of state's seat against Rep. Lawerence Denney, R-Midvale.

But Woodings' preparations for the convention required an unexpected step after she trimmed 3-year-old Mary's bangs at home Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, Rep. Woodings discovered Mary wasn't altogether satisfied with her home stylist.

"I thought I had put the scissors up high enough where she couldn't reach them," Woodings confessed to the Idaho Statesman. "But she went ahead and got them down anyway and decided to take matters into her own hands."

Mary's hair had been "just long" before mom's trim. After Mary's additional work, Rep. Woodings said, "We sought professional assistance."

Morgan Thieler at Tonic Hair and Skin Bar in Downtown Boise did the emergency cut.

"So now we basically have the same haircut," Woodings said, adding that she put her parents through the same drill.

Asked if leaving the scissors in reach of her child might warrant a call to Health & Welfare, Woodings laughed and said, "I remember doing it when I was little. I think we all do it."

Your humble scribe must allow that both his children cut their own hair, with alarming outcomes.

But what about torturing Mary and her 11-month-old brother, Arthur, by subjecting them to the boredom of a political party convention? Should one alert Child Protective Services?

"They've been enjoying the campaign," Woodings said. "Mary loves it! Most of my staff are women, so we call them 'girls' trips' when she comes with us. She loves going to the receptions and she loves playing on the playgrounds in all the various towns in Idaho. Idaho has some of the best playgrounds in the United States."

Woodings' husband, Ryan, will also attend the convention.