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Never mind: Six days after endorsing Wasden, Troupis shifts course

Eagle attorney C.T. "Chris" Troupis has withdrawn his endorsement of three-term GOP Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, which Troupis enthusiastically delivered last week at a Republican unity rally at the Capitol. 

Troupis attributed the shift to a statement Wednesday by Democratic nominee Bruce Bistline, who said he won’t actively campaign because his differences with Wasden are “fairly nominal."  Bistline said he would have actively campaigned had Troupis won the GOP nomination because their differences are "legion."

Betsy Russell of the Spokesman Review reported Troupis' change of heart Tuesday.

Russell quoted Troupis saying, “I’d really like some assurances from Mr. Wasden that he’s not in line with the Democratic candidate for attorney general. If they’re on the same page, then I feel pretty stupid endorsing basically a Democrat.”

Added Troupis: “Now, if Mr. Wasden does have differences, significant differences, and he can point those out to me, then I’d be happy to reconsider.... I’m just wanting to be consistent philosophically with my positions. But as a practical matter, he’s not opposed, so he’s going to win. So everybody will probably just ignore it. It makes me feel better.”

Wasden defeated Troupis by a 59 percent to 41 percent margin, or about 26,000 votes out of about 142,000 cast.

At last week's rally, Troupis warmly endorsed Wasden.

"I want to congratulate my opponent, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden," Troupis said in a brief speech on the Jefferson Street steps of the Statehouse. "I want to see him be the next attorney general. We need to have a Republican attorney general in the state of Idaho if we are to preserve our independence and sovereignty."