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Ada County GOP chairman among those ousted in precinct committee races

Ada County Republican Chairman Greg Ferch lost his post as a precinct committeeman in Tuesday's GOP primary by a six-vote margin, but remains eligible to run for re-election as chairman when the winners from Ada County's 145 precincts meet Thursday to organize.

Ferch lost 78-72 to Travis Vanderlinden in Precinct 2113, one of 16 precincts in Legislative District 21, which is dominated by Meridian.

Ferch was among a number of big names to lose as GOP factions battle for control of the party at the state convention in Moscow, June 12-14. Ada County Republicans meet at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Capitol's Lincoln Auditorium, where they will elect officers and more than 100 delegates to the state convention.

Ferch was a fierce opponent of Gov. Butch Otter's state-run health insurance exchange, alleging that the law passed because of "vote buying" by corporations. His allegation was immediately rebutted by Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill, R-Rexburg, and Assistant Senate Republican Leader Chuck Winder, R-Boise, Boise.

The precinct results include many tight races, among them former Idaho Libertarian Party Chairman Ryan Davidson's 1-vote win over Joshua Jackson in Precinct 1608 in Garden City, 40-39.

Other noteworthy contests include:

Kara Fulcher, the wife of Otter's challenger in the GOP primary, Sen. Russ Fulcher, lost to Kent Goldthorpe in Precinct 2205 in Meridian, 117-91.

House GOP Caucus Chairman John Vander Woude's 239-203 win over Ada County Commissioner Dave Case in Precinct 2207.

KIDO Radio personality "Tea Party" Bob Neugebauer's 222-166 win over Eva Gay Yost, an ex-aide to former Gov. Phil Batt, in Precinct 1418 in Meridian.

Lori Rouse's win over former Senate Majority Leader Rod Beck in West Boise's Precinct 1505, 108-103. Rouse is a daughter of former Sen. John Andreason, who tangled with Beck over the years.

Longtime mainstream GOP volunteer Karen Dunn over recent California transplant and losing state Senate candidate Diego Rodriguez in Precinct 1509, 154-117.

Former Ada County Chairman Dwight Johnson's 107-76 win over GOP District 16 Senate nominee Joel Robinson.

Former Rep. Max Black's 127-121 win over District 16 House nominee Rosann Wiltse in Precinct 1611.

Senate Doorkeeper and GOP fundraiser Al Henderson over Leland Jay, 97-51, in Precinct 1614.

Bill Cutshall, a financial backer of tea party aligned candidates, over former Ada County Commissioner Judy Peavey-Derr in Precinct 1708 on the Boise Bench. Cutshall won 68-65.

Gem State Tea Party founder Chad Inman over Otter's Department of Administration Director Teresa Luna, 75-43, in Precinct 1714.

Jeffrey Kempthorne, son of former GOP Gov. and U.S. Sen. Dirk Kempthorne, over Susie Decker Alvord in Southeast Boise's Precinct 1806, 92-63.

Idaho Office of Energy Resources official John Chatburn over Craig Spanton, a supporter of Ron Paul's 2012 presidential bid, 56-25 in Precinct 1818.

Jody McQuade, wife of Ada County Assessor Bob McQuade, over Hank Harris, a voluble precinct committeeman on the party's right wing, in the North End's Precinct 1907. McQuade won 130-69.

Former Deputy Attorney General David High over longtime precinct committeeman and media critic Glenn Miles in Precinct 1913, 46-18.

Kevin Quinn, a member of the anti-Otter forces, over former Ada County Chairman Marcel Bujarski in Meridian's Precinct 2004, 117-40.

Former Rep. Boyd Hill, an Otter loyalist, over Catherine Taylor in Precinct 2005, 107-86.

Former legislative candidate Tom LeClaire over Michael Willits, husband of Luci Willits, the chief of staff to Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna. LeClaire won 102-90 in Precinct 2013.

Kelly Parkinson, a supporter of radio host Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project, over Tana Cory, who leads Otter's Bureau of Occupational Licenses. Parkinson won 108-105 in Precinct 2102.

Former Otter campaign manager and drug czar Debbie Field, who defeated Robert Scott Ramella, 188-40, in Precinct 2106. Ramella's campaign was damaged after he was arrested in April and accused of six felony counts for sex offenses: three counts of sexual battery on a minor; two counts of sexual exploitation of a child; one count of possession of a sexually exploitative material for dispensing to a person under 21. Ramella remains jailed in lieu of $1 million bond.

Brian Wood over Idaho Freedom Foundation lobbyist Parrish Miller in Precinct 2116, 68-32.

Logan Easley, First Lady Lori Otter's brother, over Ronny Ann David, 184-108 in Precinct 2208.