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Idaho Treasurer Crane ducks questions on dormant committee

Idaho State Treasurer Ron Crane has held the office since 1999.
Idaho State Treasurer Ron Crane has held the office since 1999.

Betsy Russell at the The Spokesman-Review has a story on State Treasurer Ron Crane’s refusal to discuss why the credit-rating committee he chairs never meets. Nor would Crane comment on why his office delayed posting notice of a Securities and Exchange Commission violation that got only a passing mention in the committee’s 2016 annual report (see page 4).

It’s the latest instance of the state treasurer, one of the state’s constitutional officers, ducking questions when it comes to discussing critical or negative findings about his office. As Russell noted in an accompanying blog post: “Crane repeatedly declined to comment on the matter. For the entire week before Thanksgiving, his office said he was at an out-of-state conference and couldn’t be reached, even by phone. During Thanksgiving week, his office said he was in, but had decided not to grant an interview or issue any comment.”

A former Treasurer’s office employee filed a wrongful termination claim against Crane in May alleging that he was fired for try to prevent wasteful spending and mismanagement. Crane declined to comment, saying he hadn’t read the claim and could not discuss personnel matters raised in it.

Russell’s full story is here.

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