Sanders ‘still Idaho’s candidate,’ superdelegates say

Bernie Sanders supporters are restless in Philadelphia

Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters took to the streets Sunday to offer support and encouragement for the candidate.
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Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters took to the streets Sunday to offer support and encouragement for the candidate.

Idaho’s still for Bernie

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won Idaho’s Democratic caucus, capturing 18 of the 23 delegates at stake in March.

Earlier this month, Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, leaving many of his supporters disappointed. After a conference call with his delegates, however, those from Idaho still have a lot of hope and support for their state’s candidate.

While regular delegates are locked into voting for their pledged candidate, Idaho superdelegates can vote for whomever they want regardless of how the state voted. Still, Sanders superdelegates from Idaho intend to stay loyal despite his endorsement of Clinton, said Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown.

Experienced and popular, the 58-year-old senator from Virginia rounds out the Democratic ticket for the 2016 race for the White House. What makes Tim Kaine Hillary Clinton’s ideal vice presidential running mate?

The sentiment is the same among several Sanders delegates: They would stand behind him, and for the candidate Idaho Democrats voted for, no matter what.

“He’s certainly still my candidate,” Sanders delegate Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln, of Caldwell, told the Statesman. “He’s still Idaho’s candidate.”

National, local Speakers

Idaho delegates say they are excited about the planned speakers, including first lady Michelle Obama, headlining Monday night on the theme of “United Together.” One event on Tuesday will featured McCammon county native and state party Chairman Bert Marley, who will speak at the Rural Caucus about issues specific to Democrats in rural communities.

Getting there, getting around

Possible obstacles could make travel and transit for out-of-town delegates difficult. Between Philadelphia’s recent public transit malfunction and protesters threats to “shut down the DNC,” traveling around the city could be a problem.

The threat of delay also applies to delegates flying into Philadelphia International Airport. Threats of a strike at the airport have risen over a demand for a $15 minimum wage for contracted workers, including baggage personnel. While the strike could cause a bit of a headache for delegates flying in, Brown said, Idaho Democrats can’t complain: They support a $15 minimum wage in their platform.

Instead, she said, they encouraged the delegation to take carry-on bags.

“Conventions are always a little bit of a roller-coaster ride,” Brown said. “You have to wait in line, strap in and you can’t get off.”

Who’s attending from Idaho?

Sanders delegates: Yara Slaton (Boise), A.J. Konda (Coeur d’Alene), Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln (Caldwell), George Skandalos (Moscow), Miranda Gold (Eagle), Bill Parks (Moscow), Naomi Johnson (Boise), Justin Snyder (Boise), Brittany Ruland (Twin Falls), Caleb Hansen (Boise), Maria Alicia Garza (Boise), Jim Fletcher (Pocatello), Chrystal Allen (Boise), James Smart (Boise), Rick Tousley (Lewiston), Jordan Arellano (Boise), Bill Sifford (McCall), Cecile Perez (Idaho Falls). Alternates: Gini Ballou (Hailey) and Alonzo Statham (Boise).

Clinton delegates: Caitlin Lister (Meridian), Jesse Maldonado (Lewiston), Ilana Rubel (Boise), Dave Bieter (Boise), Holli Woodings (Boise). Alternate: Michael Armand (Boise).

Superdelegates, Sanders: Bert Marley (McCammon), Pete Gertonson (Waha). Clinton: Carolyn Boyce (Boise). Undeclared: Van Beechler (Caldwell).

Jennifer Kerrigan

Jennifer Kerrigan, a junior journalism major at Temple University, is covering the Democratic National Convention for the Statesman. Jennifer lives in Philadelphia and has served as photo editor of The Temple News, freelanced for Metro Philly and interned at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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