Idaho City votes to recall mayor

Idaho City voters elected to recall their mayor, James Obland, in the primary election Tuesday.

Critics who triggered the recall listed six different complaints about Obland, including that he issued a temporary liquor license to the Gold Mine Grill & Saloon without state or City Council approval. He also was said to have made illegal orders to law enforcement, including threatening to arrest Segway riders at a citywide event, Frontier Days, and ordering officers to cite ATV drivers using Highway 21.

The ballot language with all of the accusations, can be found here.

In a rebuttal on the ballot, Obland argued the recall was sought by people who wanted him “to manipulate the law or provide special treatment” for them. His rebuttal does indicate disagreements with the council.

“The City Council has attempted to cut money where it is needed most, like dust abatement on roads, and instead use it for their own individual interests. I have thwarted these attempts. ... I follow the rules made by the public and maybe that means things take a little longer to get done but it gets done right and lawfully.”

About 80 percent of the voters on the issue elected to recall him with a vote of 141-33, according to the unofficial election results.