Myron Gilbert, former Ada County Sheriff, campaigns for mayor

At 84, Myron Gilbert is the oldest candidate in this year’s race for Boise mayor, but he said he’s running because the office needs a new face.

“I kind of felt like (incumbent David) Bieter’s been there too long,” Gilbert said, echoing concerns raised by 25-year-old Boise State University student Seth Holden, who’s also running for mayor this year.

Among the criticisms Gilbert levied against Bieter: The city’s removal of the Ten Commandments monument from Julia Davis Park and making the community ombudsman — now called the head of the Office of Police Oversight — a part-time position.

“I really feel like that should be a full-time position,” Gilbert said.

In the 1950s, Gilbert spent six years as an officer in the Boise Police Department. He served as Ada County Sheriff in the 1960s.

Since then, he’s dabbled in a variety of businesses. He said he owned a sign shop in Garden City for a while and manufactured spas, then sold health products.

He said he’s an innovator. If elected, he said he’ll bring more attention to planning for fires in the undeveloped land around Boise. He said he’d encourage sheep as well as goat owners to graze their flocks in the Foothills to reduce fuels there.