Idaho CD2: Candidates make final push

On the steps of the Capitol, Idaho Falls attorney Bryan Smith made his final plea to voters in Idaho's 2d congressional district Monday morning. 

It's quite a different story for Republican incumbent Mike Simpson. Due to his official congressional duties, Simpson is in the nation's capital this week, campaign spokeswoman Sarah Nelson said.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's name was on an email letter — on Simpson's letterhead — encouraging voters to support the incumbent. Romney and Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, Simpson's ally in Congress, will also make a call on Simpson's behalf, Nelson said. 

Smith repeated the points he's been pushing since he announced his candidacy last June to replace Simpson  as representative of Idaho's 2d congressional district. He told the dozen or so people — mostly family and campaign staffers — gathered Monday that he is the true conservative in the race, that Simpson has become part of the problem in Washington, D.C., and has contributed to the national debt. 

Smith said he'll fight to cut spending, reduce regulations on businesses and fix America's "broken" tax system.

His eldest daughter, Maryn Coughran, and State Sen. Monty Pearce, R-New Plymouth, also made remarks promoting Smith's campaign.

Smith's campaign manager, Carrie Brown, said Smith will make several campaign stops today, including in Burley, Pocatello and, finally, Idaho Falls. The campaign will spend Tuesday in Idaho Falls as voters cast their ballots in Idaho's Republican primary, the election likely to decide who will spend the next two years representing the 2d district in Congress.