Lt. Gov. Little, legislators endorse McGrane for secretary of state

Lieutenant Governor Brad Little has endorsed Phil McGrane for the Republican nomination for Idaho secretary of state. Lt. Governor Little was joined in his endorsement by state Sens. Bert Brackett and Patti Anne Lodge, and Reps. Marc Gibbs, Clark Kauffman, Luke Malek, Pat McDonald, Christie Perry, George Eskridge and Darrell Bolz.

"I rarely, if ever, endorse candidates in any contested primary. It is difficult, as it is for many of my colleagues in the Idaho Legislature, when one of the candidates is a current member of the Legislature," Little said in a written release. "But the circumstances of this election are different.

"In a crowded field for the office of secretary of state and limited access to resources for all of them, voters may not have the opportunity to learn enough about these candidates, and so my colleagues and I are stepping forward with our shared opinion. The office of secretary of state is a critical one. We all agree the secretary of state must be someone who is fair, evenhanded, strong of character, and who possesses the expertise necessary to serve in this office. We believe the candidate best suited to this position is Phil McGrane."

In response, McGrane said:

"Receiving Lt. Governor Little's endorsement today is a tremendous boost to me and everyone working so hard on our campaign," McGrane wrote in the same release. "Like so many Idahoan voters, I view Brad Little as one of the most decent, considerate and hardworking elected leaders our state has had in a generation. There is tremendous respect for him across the political spectrum because citizens know he is honest and dedicated to the public good. The endorsements from so many sitting legislators are also a great honor. These leaders all share the ideals that I will strive to uphold and characteristics I will bring to the office when elected secretary of state of Idaho. I am grateful for their support."