Someone really doesn't like Trump, and they told us using a Boise freeway sign

The sign still reads “F--- Trump” as of Friday morning.
The sign still reads “F--- Trump” as of Friday morning. efenner@idahostatesman.com

The words “F--- Trump” were scrawled on a sign for Bogus Basin visible to eastbound drivers on the Interstate 184 Connector on Thanksgiving and part of Friday.

KBOI Channel 2 first reported the tag on Thanksgiving, though it’s not clear when the vandalism happened.

The Idaho Transportation Department cleaned the graffiti off the sign by about 10 a.m. Friday, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Gonzalez.

Local police could not be immediately reached Friday morning for comment on cleaning the sign or any investigation. KBOI reports Boise police are looking into the matter.

The end to this year’s contentious presidential election produced a rash of vandalism reports across the country, and crowds protested Trump’s victory in many major cities for several days.

Note: The image below contains profanity:

tag (2)
The tag, on a sign on the Orchard overpass, is visible from the eastbound Interstate 184 connector. Erin Fenner efenner@idahostatesman.com

CORRECTION: An earlier report suggested that ITD could not be reached regarding the graffiti. The error in communications was on the Statesman’s end.