Labrador sticks with Trump despite sexual assault comments

Raul Labrador
Raul Labrador

Republican Rep. Raul Labrador reiterated his support for Donald Trump Tuesday, four days after a recording surfaced of the Republican Presidential nominee making vulgar comments about sexual assault and women

“Despite his many flaws, Donald Trump represents the best chance to change the way Washington works,” Labrador said Tuesday. “This campaign has never been about Donald Trump; it has been about the millions of people hungering and thirsting for new leadership.”

Clinton will pick Supreme Court justices who will take this country further away from our founding principles. She will also continue Obama's foreign policy mistakes that have made us weaker and the economic policies that have led to the slowest recovery since the 1940s. In this race, Donald Trump is a better choice for America than Hillary Clinton.

Republican Rep. Raul Labrador

Democratic House candidate James Piotrowski has repeatedly criticized the GOP incumbent for staying silent.

"I can't understand why it took Congressman Labrador four days to denounce Trump's comments about sexual assault,” Piotrowski said. “It clearly demonstrates that Rep. Labrador continues to value political ideology over basic humanity or the duty to provide leadership for all the people of Idaho."

Labrador said as a father of a daughter and four sons and “the son of a wonderful mother who endured sexual harassment in the workplace, I find Donald Trump’s statements about women indefensible.

“No man should speak that way about any woman, and no woman should be subjected to such lewd attention,” he said. “Similarly no woman should ever be abused, tarnished and discredited, as Bill and Hillary Clinton did to so many during the past four decades.”

Donald Trump’s comments condoning sexual assault against women are disgraceful. Some things are above politics, and no reasonable person can tolerate this type of language and conduct from someone seeking to represent our nation.

James Piotrowski, Democratic House District 1 candidate.

Republican U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo withdrew his support of Trump Saturday while GOP Rep. Mike Simpson reiterated that he never supported Trump in the first place. Sen. James Risch was overseas and unavailable for comment.

Labrador made a lukewarm endorsement of Trump this spring, pointing out he support Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz first.

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