Adams County deputies defend their actions in Yantis shooting

Brian Wood
Brian Wood

Adams County Deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland, involved in last November’s fatal shooting of Council rancher Jack Yantis, told KIVI-TV on Monday they haven’t decided whether they want to return to work.

“I’ll have to get back to you on that,” Roland said in response to a question from reporter Lacey Darrow.

The deputies said they each received death threats after the Nov. 1 shooting of Yantis, which happened after the rancher was called to take care of a bull injured in a wreck on the highway next to the ranch. He was shot 12 times.

Wood, who said he and Roland are exploring their options but without elaborating, said he and his wife are building a house and they aren’t thinking of leaving the area.

“We live very close to these people. These people know where our home is. Whether we work there or not, we are a target,” Wood said. “Whether someone decides to act on that or not, we don’t know. I don’t know that us going back to work or not would affect that.”

State and federal prosecutors announced last month they would not press charges against the two deputies. Officials said they did not have sufficient evidence to convict the deputies, who remain on paid leave, of a crime.

In response to a question from anchor Don Nelson, Roland said he hopes people will review the entire investigative file released by the Attorney General’s Office. Both deputies said they did nothing wrong and that all of the facts are contained in the files.

“I’m hoping the public will look at the facts and actually read the AG’s report and not just skim through it and make a decision based on those facts, rather than jump to conclusions,” Roland said.

Roland said many of the threats came from animal rights activists who live out of state. He and Wood said the local community, by and large, has been supportive.

“We’ve received letters, calls, people inviting us to just be in their homes and spend time with them,” Wood said. “There’s a lot of support.

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