6-year-old Weiser boy dies after shooting himself

A 6-year-old boy died Saturday afternoon after apparently playing with a handgun and shooting himself, Washington County Sheriff Matt Thomas said.

The boy’s mother and her boyfriend were outside a friend’s home working on a car at the time of the incident, about 4:26 p.m.

“The little boy went into the house and went into the homeowner’s bedroom, found the gun and started playing with it. Somehow, he pulled the trigger and fired,” Thomas said.

The boy died at the scene, Thomas said, declining to release the boy’s name.

The sheriff’s office is conducting an investigation. Technicians from the Idaho State Police crime lab collected evidence from the scene and are analyzing it. That could take several weeks, Thomas said.

“We’ll look at possible charges when the investigation is done,” he said.

Thomas urged parents to teach their children to not play with guns.

“Everyone needs to teach their kids that guns aren’t toys. They need to educate their kids not to play with guns,” Thomas said.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office, at 262 E. Court St. in Weiser, provides gun locks free of charge.

“We have boxes and boxes of them,” Thomas said.

John Sowell: 208-377-6423, @IDS_Sowell