That Albertsons Monopoly game you never win? Someone from Idaho won a $1 million prize


It might seem like no one ever wins the $1 million jackpot from the annual Monopoly game at your local Albertsons.

Mary D. from Idaho Falls is happy to prove you wrong.

The East Idaho woman was presented a $1 million check Wednesday for collecting the right combination of "Shop, Play, Win" pieces, according to KIFI and She did not want her last name shared, according to East Idaho News.

The game, available through Safeway, Albertsons and other affiliated markets, is giving away a total of $250 million in prizes through May 8, including homes, vacations and groceries. There were just two $1 million cash prizes, however. Mary's win means there is just one left.

A total of 2,305 markets are participating in the game.

“It’s really hard to believe that this happened. You play the game and it’s fun just to play for kicks but then something like this happens,” she told KIFI. “I promise I will do my utmost to educate myself and spend this money wisely. It’s a huge leap down the road to financial freedom, financial independence and self-reliance.”