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Computer glitch warns of “active shooter” on ISU campus Monday

The Idaho State Journal reports that a computer glitch was responsible for a banner across the Idaho State University website on Monday warning of an active shooter.

The school did issue an alert for its Pocatello campus on Monday afternoon warning of a potentially armed individual, though there was never an active shooter situation, the ISJ said. Idaho State University issued an all-clear statement about half an hour after the initial report around 2 p.m.

According to an ISU student and tweets from the university, students received automated phone calls from the campus’ public safety agency warning them of the individual, later described in a press release as an unidentified male.

The man was reportedly carrying “what appeared to be a gun case” on the north side of Frazier Hall on the campus quad, according to a university tweet. Students in the hall were instructed to be prepared to run, hide or fight.

The university police said Pocatello police responded and, after a sweep of the campus, were not able to locate a man matching the description. A Pocatello Police Department representative could not immediately be reached for comment.

According to the university’s student newspaper, The Bengal, university officials were still monitoring the situation around 20 minutes later. The university website had a warning banner at the top of the homepage around 2:30 warning of an active shooter, though no reports were made of any shots fired. The university later said the report could not be substantiated. It’s not yet clear where the report originated.

State law allows holders of a certain Idaho concealed carry permit to carry weapons on some parts of Idaho college campuses. Here’s an FAQ about ISU’s policies, dating back to when that campus carry law was first enacted.