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Guess which states make the top 10 list of most ‘heavily armed’?

This probably won’t surprise many Idahoans, but our state is among the top 10 for registered gun ownership per capita, according to a CBS News report.

We’re not number 1: That’s Wyoming, which has a whopping 195.7 registered guns for every 1,000 residents. Idaho holds at number 6 with 24.2 registered guns for every 1,000 residents, meaning there are an estimated 39,019 registered firearms in the state, according to the report.

The data is somewhat incomplete, though, since CBS doesn’t include weapon categories like pistols. So, the numbers function more to represent a trend, according to the report.

Lowest on the list for legal firearm ownership is New York with only 3.3 registered guns for every 1,000 residents.

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