Nampa driver cited for hitting pedestrian, dragging the man

Law enforcement cited the 20-year-old Nampa man who police say struck a pedestrian with his vehicle on June15, dragging the pedestrian’s body about 35 feet.

The crash occurred around 10 p.m. on 3rd Avenue North, west of Highway 12 in Lewiston. Police reported that John O’Neill Jr. was sitting on the northern curb of 3rd with his legs in the traffic lane, facing southeast.

Meanwhile, Jorge Barajas was traveling to Lewiston when the passenger-side windshield wiper on his vehicle stopped working. Due to rainy and dark conditions, Barajas began looking for a gas station to stop at and repair the windshield wiper, while he was traveling south on Highway 12.

Barajas reportedly saw the Liberty Mart North and made a right turn onto 3rd Avenue North, but he struck the curb, driving onto the sidewalk, and running over O’Neill. O’Neill’s body was dragged by the vehicle for about 35 feet, but O’Neill still refused Barajas’ offer for help.

Lewiston Police said Barajas notified police after going to his mother’s residence. O’Neill went to the Liberty Mart North, where the clerk called 911.

O’Neill was hospitalized for injuries and recently discharged, according to police.

Police say neither speed nor alcohol played a factor in the collision and Barajas was cited on July 11 for driving on an invalid licenses and driving on the sidewalk.