Hungry woman in stolen car calls sheriff when she runs out of gas, NC police say

A woman in North Carolina called the sheriff’s department saying she was stranded without gas and food.

One problem: the car wasn’t hers, police say.

“Once deputies arrived, to their astonishment, Cheryl Webb was in a vehicle that had been reported stolen in the Elk Park area the night before,” the Avery County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post Tuesday.

Webb, 25, of Elk Park, was arrested over the weekend and charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle, according to the sheriff’s department. Logan Winegar, 29, of Newland, was also in the car and arrested.

In “Dumb Crook News,” the sheriff’s department said Webb called Capt. Lee Buchanan on Saturday saying “she had run out of gas and had not eaten in days and needed help.”

Buchanan reportedly sent the unsuspecting deputies to assist, who quickly discovered the vehicle was not actually hers, per police.

“We appreciate that people feel they can call us to help them out when they are in need,” Sheriff Kevin L. Frye said in the post. “But if the need is to help get gas in a stolen vehicle, then we will provide them a place to stay and food to eat but no gas.”

Other charges against the pair are being investigated, according to the sheriff’s department.

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