Letters from the West

Idaho Reports gang talks about environmental issues

If you watch Idaho Reports on Idaho Public Television and you follow environmental politics in Idaho you will love this week’s Idaho Environmental Forum program.

The regulars on Idaho Reports, Betsy Russell of the Spokesman Review, long-time political sage Jim Weatherby, and Idaho Public Television co-hosts of Idaho Reports Melissa Davlin and Aaron Kunz will talk about the 2014 legislative session, the upcoming primary elections and other issues Wednesday at noon at the Chrystal Ballroom on the second floor of the Hoff Building at 8th and Bannock.

I’m going to be there too talking about wolves, public lands, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental issues, especially the drive to demand the federal government turn over all of its land to the state, are playing a role in the key primary election races in Idaho. We’ve all talked to candidates during the debate and will have a wide open discussion about what we know and don’t know.