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Headed to Sun Valley this weekend? It's Road Rally time

The annual event takes place Friday and Saturday in Ketchum and Sun Valley and includes chances to see cars up close and in action. 

Here's a sampling:

The event begins with a Driver’s Luncheon and vehicle inspection on Friday, followed by the “Ketchum Cruz” that evening from 6 – 8 pm.

The Cruz is a parade of fine cars, including those participating in the Rally, as well as vintage cars through present day.

The Cruz goes through the streets of Ketchum and Sun Valley, followed by a display of the vehicles in downtown Ketchum at Ketchum Town Square. It is free to the public.

Saturday morning is the Road Rally, where buses leave the Sun Valley Ice Rink for the viewing area north of Ketchum between 7:30 am and 10am.

Buses will shuttle people up to the viewing area north of Ketchum.

Tickets are $10 a piece, $20 for a family of 4 and can be purchased that day at the Sun Valley Ice Rink shuttle bus pick up. This is the only way to watch the event.

The event raises money for the Blaine County Drug Coalition.