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Interfaith Sanctuary looking for paint donations

Interfaith Sanctuary has just completed its shelter construction project.

The shelter will get a new coat of paint. The first step is priming the walls. The staff of this nonprofit is asking for the community's help to supply the following items for the project:

15 Five-Gallon Buckets

15 Screens (for Five-Gallon Buckets)

30 Paint Rollers

30 Paint Roller Covers (Low-Nap)

10 Paint Brushes

5 Small Buckets

10 Sponges

5 Blue Tape Rolls

20 (or more) Fabric Drop Cloths or Old Curtains

5 Bags of Rags

Volunteer crews are standing at the ready and will get to work as soon as they have the supplies!

To get detailed information on how to donate please visit or email

For more info, call Jodi Peterson: 484-9049