Military News

Active-duty Marine arrived home for two-week respite

Idaho Marine reservists weren't the only ones returning home Friday night.

Lance Cpl. Jordan Dana, an active-duty Marine, returned to Boise Friday night to spend two weeks with his family before returning to Iraq for another seven-month tour.

Dana's parents, Burke and Donna, think he must be charmed.

He has had three close calls while serving in Iraq. An improvised explosive device went off under his Humvee, but no one was seriously injured. A sniper's bullet hit his boot, but did not penetrate. Razor wire strung across a room caught on his neck and ripped his dog tag chain off from his neck. But, again, he was not hurt.

"He didn't lose any time. He went right back out there," said his father Burke. "He's our only son. It is pretty hard. You have to have a quiet faith he'll be protected while he is there. If you dwell on it too much you won't get anything done."

Dana, who serves with Marine 1/5 Bravo out of Camp Pendleton, graduated from Centennial High School in 2003. His dad said he's returning home for a two-week visit with family and friends. Then he heads to Camp Pendleton for sniper training before returning to Iraq.

While home, Burke said Dana plans to spend time visiting with his family and friends and heading up to the Middle Fork Boise River and Horsethief Reservoir for some fly-fishing in the cool autumn weather.

— Cynthia Sewell