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21-month-old not so sure about camo-clad stranger

Randi Ferris of Caldwell was on hand with her children and in-laws as her husband, Spc. Jacob Ferris, arrived home.

“He said he was up all night waiting,” Randi said. So was she: “Of course. My little boy was shaking me this morning asking ‘Mommy, are you awake yet.’”

Four-year-old David was glued to his father after Tuesday’s homecoming. But Jacob had to work harder to get his younger daughter to warm up to him. Even tickling didn’t seem to work with 21-month-old Rebecca, who wasn’t so sure about the camouflage-clad stranger.

“She’s like, ‘right, yeah, where’s the cell phone,’” Randi Ferris said of her daughter’s reaction.