Boise State University

Man buying rifle scope carries firearm into Boise State building, triggering alert

It appears that a man who triggered a campuswide alert Monday just wanted to make sure the scope he was buying fit his rifle and didn’t think about where he was, said Greg Hahn, Boise State University’s associate vice president for communications and marketing.

Holders of Idaho’s “enhanced” concealed weapons permit can carry concealed weapons onto university campuses after legislation passed last year. But openly carrying a firearm is still against BSU policy.

Monday, according to Boise police, someone saw a man carry a rifle into the BSU Construction Management Lab building and called to report it. Police and BSU security responded, “quickly located the man and found no public threat or crime,” according to a Boise police press release.

The man put the rifle in his vehicle after officers stopped him, police say.

Situations like Monday’s tend to be misunderstandings resolved by a conversation with university staff, Hahn said.

“Most of the time it’s an education moment,” he said.

What he got out of the incident: BSU’s emergency alert process worked. The university used its BroncoAlert system to notify students and faculty about the report of a firearm.

“It was nice that somebody called it in. We had our emergency stuff in place.”